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Circle of 72 Names of God Kabbalah Double Sided Pendant If you want the best of both, a piece of jewelry that is a mix of religion and fashion and also have a deep spiritual meaning then you found a right place – YourHolyLandStore. Israeli-based online store, http: The products are designed and made by local Israeli artists. The silver pendants which are manufactured by various silversmith techniques, are used as a base for the vivacious designs, providing them with shapes which are influenced by elements from the plant and animal kingdoms, the Israeli cultural and material world, and by romantic and mystical influences. If you are considering getting yourself another piece of wonderful kabbalah jewelry than there can be nothing more wonderful and meaningful than the 72 names of God pendant. The 72 Names are 72 three-letter sequences composed of Hebrew letters that have the extraordinary power to overcome the laws of both mother and human nature. These 72 sequences are actually encoded into the Bible story that tells of the parting of the Red Sea. They are like conduits that transmit various blends of energy from the Light into our physical world.

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The first use is in Genesis The number can also be obtained by gematria a traditional Jewish method of number substitution. The gematria value for the word “Torah” is , which corresponds to the number of commandments given via Moses , with the remaining two being identified as the first two of the Ten Commandments , which tradition holds were the only ones heard from the mouth of God himself. Rabbi Akiva , on the other hand, was of the opinion that they were all given on Mount Sinai, repeated in the Tent of Meeting, and declared a third time by Moses before his death.

According to the Midrash , all divine commandments were given on Mount Sinai, and no prophet could add any new ones.

This exceptional Kabbalah jewelry is made of Sterling Silver, a Star of David is at the heart with an inserted Garnet gem. Both sides of the pendant are engraved with a three-letter combination in Hebrew that spells one of the 72 names of God along with the corresponding psalms from Kabbablist texts. Vav-Hey-Vav – is believed to possess a ‘Segula’, a special quality for matchmaking.

Biblical origin[ edit source editbeta ] According to the Oral Torah , Talmud tractate Taanit 2a , prayer is a Biblical command: The noted rabbi Maimonides likewise categorizes prayer as a Biblical command of Written law , [6] but believed that the number of prayers and their times are not. The Oral law Talmud tractate Berachoth 26b gives two reasons why there are three basic prayers: Each service was instituted parallel to a sacrificial act in the Temple in Jerusalem: According to Rabbi Jose b.

Hanina , each of the Patriarchs instituted one prayer: Abraham the morning, Isaac the afternoon and Jacob the evening prayers. This view is supported with Biblical quotes indicating that the Patriarchs prayed at the times mentioned. However, even according to this view, the exact times of when the services are held, and moreover the entire concept of a mussaf service, are still based on the sacrifices. Additional Biblical references suggest that King David and the prophet Daniel prayed three times a day.

In Psalms , David states:

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The practice[ edit ] In strictly Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner. Both sides usually the singles themselves, parents, close relatives or friends of the persons involved make inquiries about the prospective partner, e. A shidduch often begins with a recommendation from family members, friends or others who see matchmaking as a mitzvah , or commandment. Some engage in it as a profession and charge a fee for their services.

Kabbalah English Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel. likes · 3 talking about this · 53 were here. Learn Kabbalah in English in Israel! Here is the center of.

The etymology of the Yiddish word—spelled, generally, either bashert or beshert—is something of a mystery. Some argue that the word comes from the German beschert, meaning bestowed or given. Bescherung, a version of the word, is used to describe the exchange of gifts on Christmas. The concept of a soulmate is nothing new, or uniquely Jewish. In The Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes present the idea that humans originally had four arms, four legs and one head made of two faces; Zeus split these creatures in half, leaving each torn creature to search for its missing counterpart.

The widely used kismet—a Turkish derivation of the Arabic word qisma, meaning lot or portion—originated as the version of fate in the Arab world. The Jewish theory of soulmates has its roots in that most romantic of canonical texts: Some rabbinic scholars take exception with what seems to be a negation of free will.

Maimonides rejects outright the concept of a fated match: Some sources say there is a variation on beshert known as zivug, translating roughly to partner. Others say that there is a first zivug and a second zivug, and that a person might have two matches for various reasons. The term beshert found deeper resonance after the 18th century, when romantic love and compatibility began to replace marriages arranged on the basis of money and social standing.

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King Solomon Amulets: King Solomon was the second son of King David and Bat Sheva. He reigned for 40 years and during that time composed 3, proverbs and 1, songs. He reigned for 40 years and during that time composed 3, proverbs and 1, songs.

Tweet Relationship and marriage , according to the Kabbalah, must be based on spirituality. The connection between two people starts with their mutual desire to discover the spiritual realm and actualize the purpose of creation. Here is the philosophy behind love and Marriage , and some interesting ethnicity. Its major motive is to shed a light on the unseen workings of the universe. According to ancient writings, the wisdom of the Kabbalah was given to Adam by Raziel the angel, after the deportation from Paradise.

A deep study of the Kabbalah can help humans understand the mysteries of existence which are unsolved by modern science, therefore — it is related to the scopes beyond physics: In our search of a most substantial zone in human life — love and romance, we should distinguish between the theoretical philosophical aspects and the practical Applicable aspects of the Kabbalah.

Marriage as a Spiritual Partnership: Bondage between husband and wife is seen by the Kabbalah as spiritual.

7 Sayings from the Torah That Will Change How You View Your Spouse

Is this brought down in halacha? How stringent should one be in this regard because its differcult to find a Jewish barber? The majority of us are not Kabbalist or have a tradition in Kabbalah. Should one first try to follow Halacha to the best of ones ability and then consider Kabbalah? The reason is because we are concerned the non-Jew might assault him.

In addition, the Shach writes that the prohibition applies only when a razor is used.

Although there are so called Kabbalah or Red String bendels being offered on the market, they are almost all fake. To have the string properly prepared is costly and dangerous, since Kever Rachel is located by Arab territory, guarded by the Israeli army, requires clearance and must be gotten to in an armored vehicle. MATCHMAKING REMEDY.

This article has been updated since its original publication with new information about an IRS probe into the Kabbalah Centre and two Madonna-linked charities. When Madonna is at Shabbat services and celebrating the Jewish High Holidays, she presents a confusing tableau: But like most synagogues, the Kabbalah Centre celebrates Purim with a party befitting Halloween night, so tonight, with her flair for a shocking costume, Madonna has no trouble fitting in.

When she comes to services on Friday night and Saturday morning, Madonna rolls in late with an entourage, and they sit in the front row of the synagogue. The school was a beautiful dream. Now the money is mostly gone, and no one is saying exactly where it went. The Southern District of New York is conducting a tax-based investigation into the finances of the charity, along with the Kabbalah Centre and Success for Kids, another one of their jointly run charities. In addition to a federal grand jury gathering evidence in New York, a team of IRS agents is also interviewing people connected to the Kabbalah Centre at its Los Angeles headquarters.

The Times also reported that investigators have reviewed an email from former Kabbalah Centre CFO Nicholas Vakkur, in which he says he has uncovered instances of income tax fraud, and has “little choice but to cooperate with the IRS and bring down the entire Kabbalah Centre. Karen Berg, matriarch of the Kabbalah Centre had this to say about the problems they face: And although it is very difficult, we understand that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn. After all, this is the famously heretical Catholic who has consistently thrown her anger at that religion in our face, even performing a mock crucifixion during a world tour a few years ago.

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5pcs “Lucky” Hamsa Red String Kabbalah Bracelets Bangle Braided String Cord and Rotating “Evil Eye” Hamsa Hand – Jewish Amulet Pendant Jewelry for Success and Protection Lucky Gift. Kabbalah is a myst RED KABBALAH BRACELET, HAMSA,EVIL EYE, .

The first known Jews to reach the island of Hispaniola were Spanish Jews. They arrived in , when the island was discovered by Christopher Columbus. For Sephardic Jews the situation, worsenned dramatically when the Ostrogothic kings of Spain embraced the Catholic faith in the late 6th century. Since then the Jews were put under permanent persecution for practicing their religion and had to face several times the dilemma of either converting to Christianity, or leaving Spain.

Historically, Sephardic Jews have been more integrated into the local non-Jewish culture than Ashkenazic Jews. Although some individual Sephardic Jews are less observant than others, and some individuals do not agree with all of the beliefs of traditional Judaism, there is no formal, organized differentiation into movements as there is in Ashkenazic Judaism. The current population of known Jews in the Dominican Republic is approximately , the majority live in Santo Domingo, the capital.

There are three synagogues and one Sephardic Jewish Educational Center. The town a labyrinth of winding, narrow streets, flower-filled courtyards and picturesque squares. The Museo Judio, located next to the Casa Marina Hotel and down the street from the local Verizon phone company office, was inaugurated Feb. At its entrance is the text of the agreement between the Trujillo dictatorship and the Dominican Republic Settlement Association Dorsa , the New York-based organization that intended to rescue thousands of Jews from impending doom in Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

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The total of article views on that day was less than a half of the total views on the day before, on the day after, and on any other day of the year, including the Super Bowl Sunday! Now, it will be on a weekend, a Saturday, also this year … very interesting to see how busy people will be on this coming St. It is important because we the disciples of our Messiah Yeshua, and the saints of the only true God our Father, must not follow or participate in any pagan and occult traditions … period.

As a part of the Preparation of the Bride of the Messiah, we must be free of any darkness in our life. The Bride must be pure. The Bible is clear that worshiping any other god is not acceptable to Him.

Kabbalah Numerology: This form of numerology is based on Hebrew alphabets and it has only 22 vibrations. It deduces results only from the meaning of a person’s name. It deduces results only from the meaning of a person’s name.

Citing Jewish mysticism for her broken marriage, A-Rod’s soon-to-be ex-wife is blaming Kabbalah rather than her husband’s widely reported indiscretions for destroying six years of wedded bliss. Is Alex Rodriguez under Madonna’s Jewish spell? A publicly scorned Cynthia Rodriguez alleges that her Catholic husband’s relationship with pop star Madonna has persuaded him to abandon his family for a new-found religion.

Friends of the couple agree the third baseman has been “brainwashed,” turning what may have been just another tabloid divorce story into a religious debate, the latest boost for Kabbalah’s fame — and a sore point for some rabbis. Rabbi Avi Heller, director of Jewish education at Boston University Hillel , does not approve of the popularization of this mystical branch of Jewish learning. He insists that the study of the Kabbalah should be reserved only for the most learned Jews.

The idea of inviting anyone to study is a betrayal of Kabbalah. In an ironic twist, the “Material Girl” has made a form of Jewish spiritual learning popular. Once a secret tradition studied only by advanced Jewish scholars, public Kabbalah classes are now offered for men and women of all ages and faiths. Kabbalah has become a fad, complete with its own fashion accessories: Illustration by Maria Radacsi. Many college students have been turned on to Kabbalah thanks to Madonna’s influence.

Kabbalah, they explain, is an intensely complex and deeply spiritual learning process which is traditionally passed on orally only from master to scholar, and only once the scholar has reached 40 years of age. What if they aren’t going to learn the parsha and they only want to learn Kabbalah?

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In traditional Jewish literature marriage is actually called kiddushin, which translates as “sanctification” or “dedication. This means that the process of finding a partner is not haphazard or based on purely external aspects. Rather, a close friend or relative of the young man or woman, who knows someone that they feel may be a compatible partner, suggests that they meet.

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Background[ edit ] The upsherin tradition is a relatively modern custom in Judaism and has only become a popular practice since the 17th century. Yoram Bilu, a professor of anthropology and psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem , suggests that there is little or no religious basis for the custom and its popularity is probably mainly social. The following are some quotes from his paper, [2] Two disparate hair-related practices appear to have converged in the haircutting ritual: Ritual haircut, probably modeled on the Muslim custom of shaving male children’s hair in saints’ sanctuaries, was practiced by native Palestinian Jews Musta’arbim as early as the Middle Ages.

Rabbi Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, the 16th-century founder of the celebrated Lurianic School of Kabbalah who assigned special mystical value to the ear-locks, was instrumental in constituting the ritual in its present form. The ritual remained primarily a Sephardi custom following Luria, but in the last years it became widespread among East European Hasidim.

From Palestine it spread to the Diaspora communities, where it was usually celebrated in a more modest family setting. An obvious problem raised by Avraham Yaari, in an article in Tarbiz 22 , is that many sources cite that Luria held one should not cut one’s hair for the entire sefirah — including Lag BaOmer, see Shaarei Teshuva, O. We know from travellers that by the 18th and 19th centuries, the hilula at Meron on Lag BaOmer with bonfires and the cutting of children’s hair had by then become an affair of the masses.

A well-known Talmud scholar from Bulgaria, Rabbi Abraham ben Israel Rosanes, wrote that, in his visit to Palestine in , he saw an Ashkenazi Jew giving his son a haircut at the hilula. Rosanes says that he could not restrain himself, and went to the Jew and tried to dissuade him, yet was unsuccessful; he also complained that most of the Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews of Israel were participating in this “insanity,” with “drinking and dancing and fires.

Yehudah Leibush Horenstein, who emigrated to Palestine in the middle of the 19th century, writes that “this haircut, called halaqe, is done by the Sephardim in Jerusalem at the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai during the summer, but during the winter they take the boy to the synagogue or Beit Midrash and perform the haircut with great celebration and parties, something unknown to the Jews in Europe.

A yarmulke and tzitzis will now be worn, and the child will be taught to pray and read the Hebrew alphabet. So that Torah should be “sweet on the tongue,” the Hebrew letters are covered with honey, and the children lick them as they read.

7 Sayings from the Torah That Will Change How You View Your Spouse

He has hundreds of published stories to his credit, and many have been translated into other languages. He tells them live in Tsfat Safed nearly every week, at his home on Friday evenings and at Ascent on Saturday nights. To receive the Story by e-mail every Wednesday– sign up here!

Welcome to the glossary! Rather than explain each Yiddish/Jewish/Yeshivish term within the sentence (’cause sometimes it just ruins the flow), I put the definitions here. It’s alphabetical, so just scroll down until you see the word you need to know. a note on spelling – some of these words are Hebrew-based, transliterated into English, so.

What is Numerology – About Numerology Numerology: The science of numbers Numerology is all about numbers and their vibrational propensity that help an expert in predicting the future of a person. It is believed that all the numbers have the power to affect a person’s characteristics and the events taking place in their lives. Numerology considers the sum total of the numbers in a person’s date of birth and the numerological equivalents of the letters in their name.

The essence of Numerology The moment a child is born, it makes a deep impact on his identity for the rest of his life. The name his parents give him also affects his personality and the events in his life in a big way. A person’s date of birth and his name forms the basis for analysis in numerology. Since this information is known to most people, numerology becomes a very convenient way to find out about a person’s personality, his future, what he should expect and how he gets along with others.

This makes it a great point for a person to start exploring about himself and his future. Numerology is an application of the laws of mathematics to a person’s life. It deals with the nine most important planets in the universe including Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Mars, and their distinct features. Each and every one of these planets is allocated a number between one and nine.

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