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I missed him so much. All I wanted to do was to hold him, kiss him, talk to him. This was probably the longest time, we had been apart since we started dating 5 months ago but he was finally back in Korea now, resting in his dorm before he had to go to Busan for next concert. Today was day I was finally going to go surprise him at his dorm, but the only issue was I had never been there before. Heck yet I had never even met the other boys. I tried to brush those thoughts aside as I started getting ready.


Hanbin ikon request he is famous and he has day off so he takes you his gf that is not korean but knows fluent korean back home to meet his family. You turn your face to him, meet his warm eyes. Goddamnit Hanbin I looked like a monster before. Hanbin answers your smirk before he gives you a peck on the cheek. Automatically you straighten your back.

Hanbin groaned after your statement as he grabs your hair and pulls it gently, kissing your neck. “That is the plan, baby.” He said as he slammed his hard dick inside you, causing you to yelp in satisfaction.

But, he would feel super bad about what happened. Now time for the scenario! It was in the late evening and all the participants of Mix and Match had gone to the dorms, all except your boyfriend Kim Bobby. Who seemed to have forgotten your plans to hang out after his practice was over. However, you understood since he had told you how much this competition meant to him and everyone else, so you just let him be.

As time dragged on, you began to doze off only to be awoken by the sound of footsteps approaching. Thinking it might be the rest of Team B, a smile crosses your face. He had short black hair and appeared rather tight lipped at the moment. A snapback placed backwards on his hair as he looked at you questionly. As you look up to your left, you were met with the curious gaze of a baby-faced young boy.

Feeling slightly intimidated by the people scrutinizing you from above, you got up from your place on the floor, and quickly dusted yourself off.

Who is B.I’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim han bin from iKON

Originally posted by fatenumberfor pairing; lee seunghoon x zhou jia ft. Hoon looked at her seriously. She looked at Gangnam Street. People ran from one place to another, a large line formed at the entrance of the nightclub and there was a lot of noise. He understood that she was in love but after he had rejected her so openly she had to stop thinking about him and look for other things, even though that was what she had done although she had not been interested in other things such as work but leaving party to entertain and forget him even though Seunghoon knew it was not working.

I was not going to let you go alone.

Hanbin, I am so convinced he has some sort of fluency in English, I think he’d be very willing to try dating a foreigner. Donghyuk does speak a little bit of English so I think he’d give it a go. Junhoe, I have no reason other I can definitely see him with someone who’s not Korean.

They had been pestering me to come with them for weeks now. I, having nothing to do I decided to go. I tried making an effort in my outfit. I wore a tight cropped black dress with red platform heels. Ya, you heard right I landed me a pretty nice fella. We have been dating for five years now. We started dating when he was on Mix and Match ,and ever since he debuted its like we are in a long distance relationship,despite the fact I lived in Korea and the fact we lived together.

She was banging on the door like a lunatic. I could only imagine what looks my looks neighbors are giving her and Jimin. I talked to Kevin and he said he got us a V. When we got to the club it was already packed. Jimin and Lizzy basically put drinks down my throat.

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How could you possibly refuse him? Hanbin and you had been dating for months, and today was one of your date nights he tried to get in when his schedule gave way for some free time. Hanbin wanted to take you to watch a horror movie with him.

Ikon Reaction To Their Little Sister Wanting To Sleep Next To Them Because She Had A Nightmare Awww! This was such a cute request. Thank you~ B.I: He is a little sweetie, so he’d probably listen to.

Hey hun literally at this point I stan your blog lmao I love it sm xx but can I request iKON reacting to you having thick thighs? Thank you xx B. You sat down next to him and his hand gripped your thigh softly. You were laying on your stomach in bed, typing on your laptop when he started touching you. You looked back at him and hummed in approval as he massged your legs. Originally posted by gnhwan Bobby had long pulled you into his lap on your lovely night out with the boys.

You casually sat in his lap, feeling his hands run up your thighs as you talked with Donghyuk. He pulled you against him harder, tracing patterns into your legs. Bobby leaned forward and placed his lips by your ear.

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I know it’s weird but u. Hanbin watched you rummaging through every aisle and shelf in the library through the corner of his eyes. Already having lyrics to work on, he might as well have just sat down at a table and started working. You ignored his remark, continuing to search through every book, your eyes shining.

Dating rumors are swirling once again around YG’s rookie boy band iKON’s Kim Jin Hwan and AOA’s a pretty rapstar Jimin after the news that iKON is planning to make a stage debut. These rumors first surfaced back in Summer of The both were spotted together at a store shop and it’s causing dating rumors among many netizens.

When you want to talk to them, Hanbin yell at you. You get angry and crying, and he regretted it. You were actually happy in a relationship, which was pretty much new for you. Hanbin had been the perfect boyfriend. He was hardworking, but sweet and dorky. You had prepared a nice dinner, paired with a red wine, and in the beginning it went great, everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. You and Lee Hi were joking around, Hanbin was laughing at both of you, until his attention slowly drifted from both of you, to just Lee Hi.

He was laughing with her smiling with her, and the more he drank, the more he was just kind of ignoring you. So you drank more too, trying to dismiss his behavior, not wanting to let it get to you and ruin the night. You were growing sour, as much as you were trying to prevent it. You frowned, taking another drink. Lee Hi kept glancing at you, noticing how you were upset.

iKON Kim Jin Hwan & AOA Jimin’s Past Dating Rumor Resurface

Three hours, three miserable hours you have had to listen to the annoying ticking sound in silence, alone. You glanced at the clock for the millionth time and immediately a sigh left your lips. It was almost 12 a. Today was supposed to be a special night for the two of you.

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Sorry for taking forever to write this one ugh anyway I hope you guys will like it!! It turned out to be longer than I wanted it to be.. Hanbin and you were supposed to meet since he wanted to make up for being unable to accompany you to dates while since he was busy. It seemed like he was still busy, as he was already late for 20 minutes. You did not want to interrupt his work so you just sent him a text and took your last sip of Americano before grabbing your belongings, ready to leave.

As the staff shouted welcome and giggled, everyone in the cafe started whispering harshly among themselves. The boy who had walked in was scanning through the menu, pondering hard over what to order and how to reward himself for surviving the day, until he saw you. Your eyes widened as you saw the all-too-familiar face in front of you. He smiled as he gently patted your back.

You know what a perfectionist he is. I was about to head home until I saw you. A listening ear would be great. Bobby was being a good listener, just as he said.

[HOT] iKON’s Bobby rumored to be Dating with Model Lee Seo Yoon

Kim Jinhwan Originally posted by b-obey Jinhwan would be annoyed with your irresponsibility but not show it since you were drunk and there would really be no point at giving you a lecture of the dangers of being drunk and all alone late at night. He would chuckle to himself and tell you that he loves you too, but kind of think that your sudden outburst was due to the fact that you were drunk.

Song Yunhyeong Originally posted by ikonis Yunnie would laugh when he heard the words as he knelt down beside you and tried to get your hair into a ponytail since you had told him that you wanted to throw him. Little would he know that you do actually love him, especially because of the sweet and small things he does for you without even thinking about it. He would freeze and finally shut up much to your satisfaction.

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I blinked my eyes a few times and looked around the room. Man, I must’ve slept all day yesterday. I sat up and put the photobook on the nightstand. The alarm clock next to me read that it was 6 am. No surprise that I’m up this early. My mom would always get me up around this time to do different types of activities.

From learning a new language to making another country’s food. I would be up and early for it. Now those days are over.

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Fact The expertise of a Jinhyeong: Other rumors say he also smoked. The worst rumors that there are some netizens said Jinhyeong never done free sex and fighting brawl. However, after further confirmed it was a hoax and Jinhyeong reportedly cried all day in the dorm after hearing the news. Jinhyeong also admitted that he had not done so free sex and fighting and he actually cried to hear it.

Problem was smoking Jinhyeong photo taken by one of his friends and uploaded to social media reportedly still unclear.

Hanbin didn’t expect things to be this difficult when he had to say goodbye for a little while to go on tour. “I hate leaving you, but I have to.” He said, standing in front of your shared apartment door.

Admin Serious Dating This pin was discovered by teo vasilescu discover and save your own pins on pinterest. Yg entertainment recently shared a preview of jtbc ‘idol school trip’ 2nd episode featuring ikon member bi finally pairing up with a partnerthe prev. Who in ikon would be okay with dating a foreigner like a black girl ok kids, gather round and lets bask on the beauty that is triple kim from ikon after making my yoonminseok post i was asked by an anon as well as bibimkpop to also make an ot3 post for hanbin, jinhwan, and bobby ok so anyone who is familiar.

Dating another members sister ikon jinhwan: After a long wait, ikon has made a bold comeback after improving their skills in pre-debut yg entertainment trainee survival programs ‘win: Could you write a scenario about bi where hes on a first date and is really shy and embarrassed asked by anonymous image are we a thing meet me at the park after school: Song Joong Ki, who had out from the show at the end of astrologer 41 due to schedule makes, is one of the original ones.

Sep 25 The name snacks to the Commander when he’s acting cute or like a marriage much to the annoyance of the rest of the cast. If they help the ceremony, it could feel like ikln marriage is an extension of their entertainment activity with all the attention likely datjng give. The punishments in the nicer episodes all invoke this, particularly wearing the corresponding Hot Pants around the city.

Profile and Fact iKon (With English)

However, some K-pop artists were lucky and blessed enough to find a buddy whom they could rely to even when the road gets bumpy. Check out these top five amazing bromance relationships in K-pop: To make the long story short, Mino and Zico spent most of their childhood days together before they became popular idols today. Despite being part of different companies, Zico and Mino maintained their friendship together and even did a song collaboration.

[Rp/Non-dating] iKON’s Charismatic Leader – Kim Hanbin k.a B.I We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Would you like to proceed to legacy Twitter?Following: K.

With a warm cup of coffee in your hands and laptop on your lap, you made yourself comfortable on the couch. The TV was playing on low volume in the background while you were going through a concept one of your staff had sent to you. It was strange, but somehow you could concentrate better with something playing in the background, be it music or the voice of someone speaking. Moving the cup towards your lips, you took a sip of it, only to notice that the it was empty.

You finally turned away your look from your laptop and glimpsed into the cup. Letting out a long sigh, you rose to your feet to make yourself another cup of coffee. However, while standing up someone on the TV caught your eyes. Your jaw dropped open when you saw your boyfriend laughing on your TV and at the same time a proud smile crept onto your face. You rarely watched TV shows with Simon as a guest.

You just found it weird. This time, however, something drew you in and you sat back down, raising the volume so you could hear what they were talking about. It was actually a show that you enjoyed watching, as you loved cooking and the recipes of the show were easy to follow.

B.I (iKON) never dated ? We are okay.

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